Global Training Transformation – Programs Nearing Completion!

As a Managing Partner of Global Training Transformation, I am very excited to announce that our new on-line training programs are nearing completion! Our “Fundamentals” program will be the first to be released.

Global Training Transformation was created to help Subject Matter Experts and Learning Development Professionals take their careers to the next level through online programs that provide tips and techniques for how to create impactful training programs. 

Our Fundamentals program was designed for Subject Matter Experts. It’s about reducing wasted time and effort by learning how to transfer your knowledge and relevant subject matter expertise in a way that not only encourages participants to learn the information, but retain it as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to retrain employees on concepts that they have already been taught? There is a way!

Come visit us at to stay updated on our programs and sign-up for a free video series entitled “The Future of Learning & Talent Develpment”.

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