Inspiring, entertaining and educating, Susan Armstrong has been changing people's lives for over 20 years - starting with her own.

20 years of living on the streets, addiction, and abuse at the hands of a notorious motorcycle gang are not what you would expect to find behind a successful Business Transformation Specialist. But they are the circumstances that taught Susan the many ways in which we are responsible for creating our own personal and business reality.

How did a homeless, addicted and abused woman become an award-winning International Talent Development Expert?

Please click on the button below to hear an interview with Susan Armstrong hosted by Maria Franzoni, Speaker Bureau Director, in her weekly Speaking Business Podcast.

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“I’ve heard many speakers over the years. Still Sue Armstrong stands out with a riveting story, a powerful delivery and an exceptional ability. She’s a truly inspiring speaker with a message that no one will ever forget.”

Cathleen Fillmore, Speakers Gold

Through your own life experiences and your years of working with others, you have developed a keen appreciation of the human spirit and a unique ability to look behind the personas we all project in order to understand the attitudes and beliefs upon which those personas are built.

Loren Cooper, Vice President & Associate
General Counsel, GSK Biologicals

“I highly recommend Susan Armstrong for your next event. You are missing out if you don’t!”

Kristen Baron, Sr. Mgr. Johnson & Johnson

Susan, bravo! What a great/awesome session with million-dollar information and very well presented! You are great!

Judy Martene, Founder, Women in Wisdom

“I owe you so much. Seriously. You are great at what you do and you lit a fire inside me. Thanks for everything!”

Pat Sherlock, President, Canada Goose Int.



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