Confidence For Life

9 Secrets for Setting Yourself FREE


Imagine how amazing your life would be if you had…

  • The confidence and self-esteem to achieve your dreams
  • More satisfying and rewarding relationships
  • Success…at work, in love and in life
  • Peace, happiness and contentment

Confidence For Life will help you discover…

  • Why and how we stand in our own way
  • Your specific barriers to happiness, peace and success
  • Techniques to break free of your invisible prison and start living a happy, peaceful, successful life on your own terms
  • How to break the habits that keep you stuck
  • Learn to create positive self-fulfilling prophecies instead of negative ones!


I’m finding it quite profound. I’ve never had my thought processes explained in such a way. I find myself re-reading sections over again to let it soak in.

Karen C., London, UK

I can’t fly through this one like your first book. That one was about you. This one feels like it’s about me…I can see myself in at least 2 stories.

Loren C., Brussels, Belgium

An Invisible Prison

A True Story of Survival


“Susan Armstrong takes us on a journey that plunges deep into the recesses of human pain and struggle and brings us out through her courage, determination, and resilience. This is a beautifully written portrayal of a vulnerable woman who proves that the power of the human spirit can conquer and abusive past and create a successful future. I highly recommend it.”
Donna Stirling, M.A./Psychotherapist and Corporate Consultant


 “I am buying this for all my girlfriends! Shocking, chilling and the minute you start reading you won’t be able to put it down. If you have ever questioned what you are capable of or if you have ever doubted yourself, you must absolutely read this book. Susan’s story is inspiring because of how she manages to overcome the worst of the worst. Reading her story made me realize that there was no excuse for me not to live my life fully; she empowers you to believe in what is possible.”
Anonymous Reader as posted on  

“I have been to several of Susan’s seminars. I was always impressed by her intelligence, energy, enthusiasm and self-confidence. While I was reading this book, I had to look at her photo on the back cover twice to reassure myself that this was, indeed, the same person I knew. To go from an abused biker chick to internationally renowned motivational speaker?? Before, I greatly admired Susan. Now I am in awe of her.” 
Anonymous Reader as posted on  

“I started to read for a little bit…and finished in one day.  Wow! It is incredible. And I did the reading while I was busy writing my 14th book. The moment I started to read, I felt so close to you. You are an amazing woman.”
Nil Gun, Best Selling Author, Kuraldisi Yayinlari, Istanbul, Turkey