Why Build Training into Your Speaking Business?

There is a difference between presenting or delivering a keynote, and training. Delivering a Keynote or a presentation is a one-way transfer of information from presenter to the audience. Effective training is 70% participation, 30% transfer of knowledge.

Developing a great Keynote or Presentation requires following a method for good storytelling as well as the ability to deliver it in an authentic and engaging way. Developing good training requires we follow adult education principles and instructional design theory as well as having sound group management and facilitation skills. 

Susan Armstrong has been delivering Keynotes and developing and delivering award-winning workshops and training programs for over 24 years. Whether it is speaker mentoring, or updating and developing your training workshops – we can help!


Past President of the Global Speakers Federation.


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Strategy Session: (4-Hours)

Book a STRATEGY SESSION today to create your step-by-step plan for turning your message into a vehicle that will transform your audience! Whether you are endeavoring to improve your speaking ability or your training technique, this session offers you an opportunity to work one-on-one with Susan to:

  • Review your content/workshop/book and brainstorm ideas
  • Determine the potential delivery strategies – is it a live workshop/seminar or an online workshop? Is it a presentation? Lunch ‘n Learn?
  • Brainstorm potential audiences and marketing strategies to determine the relevance and potential success of your ideas
  • Identify your next steps


Rapid Start Program: (One-Day)

Do you have experience as a Speaker, or with workshops/seminars and you want to take your career to the next level?  Do you want to start selling your workshops to corporate clients? Do you want to start having more impact on your audiences and charging more for your speaking and workshops?

Perhaps you’re finding that you are unable to get repeat clients. Or maybe you’ve been doing retreats and workshops for a while, but you want to really ‘up’ the impact and turn them into transformational events that have participants wanting to come back for more AND bring their friends/colleagues!

Then, the RAPID START PROGRAM is for you. It will allow you to re-evaluate, re-organize and re-energize your program and ensure you have a world-class and profoundly impactful event that attracts both individual and corporate clients.

This one-day session is an opportunity to work one-on-one with Susan and includes:

Everything included in the Strategy Session PLUS:

  • Create your Keynote and Workshop Outlines
  • Create the program objectives
  • Design (or re-design) the content and activity to achieve each objective
  • Identify measurement/evaluation strategies
  • Determine materials required
  • Determine next-steps
  • 2 x 90 minute coaching sessions done virtually via screen sharing app: one either prior to the event or during the event to check on progress; and one after the event to identify what worked, what didn’t and what’s next
  • Tools and templates to use again and again for future workshops

One-day can be done in 2 half-days and can be done virtually through Zoom or Skype at a time suitable for you. Start as quickly as you like!

TESTIMONIAL: R. Michael Anderson

The Technology Leadership Insider; 3x Californian Software Entrepreneur; Best-Selling Author; Speaker, Trainer, Strategic Advisor

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Mentoring & Coaching Program: Build Your Speaking/Training Empire! (3 and 6 Month Programs)

The Mentoring & Coaching program is beneficial to anyone interested in developing their Speaking career and running workshops/seminars, or anyone currently doing workshops/seminars who would like to learn the theory behind designing a transformational, interactive learning event. This program teaches you the skills that can be used again and again to create multiple programs and build this into your business.

This is a one-on-one program working directly with Susan.

The Coaching & Mentoring Program includes everything in the Strategy Session and The Rapid Start Program PLUS:

  • Complete instruction on ‘Adult Learning Theory’ including learning styles
  • Training on Instructional Design
  • Using technology – identifying materials, technology required, and effective use of these tools
  • When and how to use technology in speaking and training
  • How to create an online program
  • Ongoing monitoring, coaching and feedback on program creation and direction
  • Assistance with design ideas where necessary
  • Feedback and practice to build confidence in applying the skills
  • Tools and templates to use again and again with future workshops

3-Month Program:

  • 1-Day Intensive Kick-Off Session
  • 4-Hour intensive sessions Months 2 & 3
  • Weekly 90-minute Coaching/Mentoring calls (via Zoom or Skype)

One-day and 4-Hour sessions can be done virtually through Zoom or Skype if required. Start as quickly as you like! 

6-Month Program

  • 1-Day Intensive Kick-Off Session
  • 1- Day Intensives in Months 3 & 6
  • 4-Hour intensive sessions Months 2 & 4 & 5
  • Weekly 90-minute Coaching/Mentoring calls (via Zoom or Skype)
  • Susan will attend any pilot workshop or presentation to assist, and provide a confidence boost as well as real-time feedback

One-day and 4-Hour sessions can be done virtually through Zoom or Skype if required. Start as quickly as you like! 

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